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Kent & Amy

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Our goals are probably not unlike most reputable breeders goals. We strive for a sound dog (both in mind and body) that possess strong breed type, correct temperament for the breed, longevity, health, intelligence and the ability to preform the “job” they were bred to do.


A lot of dogs here tend to be European. We feel they possess the “type” that we look for in a Berner. We prefer dogs with larger bone, heads and coats. Dogs that look like a draft dog that could preform the jobs they were originally bred to do.

Contrary to what some may believe, larger dogs are no more prone to unsoundness or orthopedic problems as smaller dogs if the orthopedics are followed closely.

The temperaments of our dogs are something that we are very proud of. We feel this is the number one reason people seek adding a berner to their family.

While ALL of our breedings are done for the soul purpose of producing dogs to continue showing and breeding for us, the reality is that there are a lot of puppies that become members of other peoples families.  A healthy dog with a great temperament is the most important thing to most families and something we work very hard on.

Our dogs are a part of our family and are raised as such. They live in the house, they get on our furniture, they sleep in our beds and are fed only the best, many times much better than I eat!!

They have a dog door into the house so that they can get in at any time or be out if they choose to be.

Their yard is approximately 2 acres that they all run together in and is fenced by a 5 foot fence. My dogs DO NOT live in kennels, crates or paddocks.

When raising dogs and living with as many as we do, you have to make adjustments to make life easier....such as NO carpet...except for the layers of dog hair found daily, baby gates to separate dogs if necessary, endless toys and dog beds to step over and giving up the bedroom to the puppies and their whelping box. Raising our dogs is something that my entire family takes very seriously.

The way we live