Just loving life...

Always loved with all of my heart

These dogs are no longer a part of our "breeding program" but have contributed in their younger years.

They are now retired and just loving life but I love for people to be able to see pictures and follow the pedigrees of the dogs and see where various looks come from.

These are the grand parents and great grand parents of the puppies I will have today.

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Talluaha vom Jauntal


This pretty girl was spayed due to a uterine infection that put her life at risk so she no longer is able to have puppies.

Devael fast n furriest


This young lady had a series of unfortunate events that caused her to have to be spayed after her first litter of puppies (2 girls) when they were only 7 weeks old.

Javier is now living the life of a king with his new mommy as the single "man of the house"

Vinny has his own kindom as well living with his family and preforming the job of social director in their business of bringing city dogs to the country

Luka is now neutered and living life as a happy, healthy pup!

Nadia is now living the life of a princess. No more puppies for her!

Vivian is just living the life of matriarch now, enjoying watching her kids and grand kids taking over!

Agnes is also living the life of Queen with her hlaf sister Vivian. Her kids and grand kids are still taking over the world!

Dani is also retired but will probably come back out as a veteran to strut her stuff!

Ava is now living life in Wisconsin where she can enjoy the snow!

Oda Mae is now retired and just living life. Can't wait to bring her out to show as a veteran!

CH Lionhearts Kalifornacation


is now retired and living the life of a King with his family in Louisburg

Baron von Meddo See

"NiKlaus" is now retired and living large!

CH Lionhearts View from the Top


Vaakos hip scores were not as good as we would have like for breeding so he is now living with a family that will love him and enjoy him for the king he is!