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The Way WE Place Our Puppies

We place our puppies a little differently than some. We spend a lot of time with our puppies and really get a feel for “who” they are and what their needs are. We find this very important and it has worked very well for the last 25+ years. No one knows these puppies better than us and when new families are coming over to get their puppies, it is very easy for them to get swept up in cosmetics. ALL berner puppies are beautiful...some marked more correctly than others, but those markings are NOT what makes a great dog and if dogs are placed/selected for the wrong reasons, you will not have a successful placement and every one looses, especially the puppy!

I don't do keep waiting lists, I don't take deposits until the puppies are here, healthy and at least 2 weeks old!

If interested in a puppy from us, please complete the evaluation form!!

Evaluation form

We do not currently have any puppies available, but are expecting some soon!

Please check back of feel free to contact me any time