Variables...that can change the over all look of the puppies

The white on a puppies face will "shrink" as they grow to adulthood. Here are some examples of baby markings verus adult markings

Markings on the puppies faces can alter the "look" of the puppy's head shape.  Here is a photo of a puppy, exact same puppy and photo, see how changing the markings can alter how the puppy looks

ALL berner puppies are born with pink noses. Their pigment comes as the get older and normally they will have all their pigment by the time they reach 8-10 weeks of age. Here is a puppy from birth through 6 weeks.

When you hear us talking about "in" coat or "out" of coat, this is an example.

This is the SAME girl in both photos.

Top photo she is "IN" coat and the bottom photo she is "OUT" of coat.